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Space Research


Space Technology Research

TulsaLabs is developing a commercial aerospace and space research lab focused on CubeSats for low Earth orbit, AI applications, edge computing, and advanced aerial mobility transportation. The goal is to deliver high-performance computing micro-cloud applications in orbit, which can process and analyze the vast amounts of data being created in space.

Use cases will include plant and hydroponics analysis to support food growth and life sciences in space, weather modelling of dust storms to enable future modelling for Mars missions, and medical imaging using ultrasound on long duration space vehicles to support astronaut healthcare.

Astronaut Assistants
Mission Design and Planning
Edge Computing
Satellite Data Processing

Autonomous Rovers
Space Debris Mitigation
Navigation Systems
AI Powered Communications

Spaceport for Low Earth Orbit Projects

TulsaLabs, in partnership with AI Venturetech, are exploring development of potential spaceport in Western Oklahoma for low Earth orbit research, testing, and future space tourism facility called DeepSkyOne.

Located in Western Oklahoma, the facility is one of only 12 spaceports in the nation.

This Spaceport qualifies as a Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) launch site for commercial polar orbits and was an alternate landing site for the US Space Shuttle program.